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Reward Group was awarded the 2014 China CSR Award - collective award

河南快三图表 Recently, the Fourth China's public festival held in Beijing, the Chinese public welfare section entitled "Public influence with China." Reward Group China CSR Award 2014 - collective award.China's public welfare Festival is one of China's most influentia...

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Reward Group warm winter action, sustained benefit of the community

"In the past live, all from year to year to boil over, what a good life is, thought this year the winter, do not be cold, after a good day, but also dare to think." Herdsman sitting on new home white picket fence happy to say that this is just lofty post pasture reno...

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4458 meters above sea goose Port Hill, 4700 Damian Bala Mountain Pass, 4824 meters Bayan Har ...... More than one thousand kilometers journey plateau, with an average altitude of 4500 meters, with cliffs and snowy mountains accompanied all the way ...... In mid-November, the w...

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