Project Introduction(丫鬟山國際酒店-項目介紹)

The YAJI mountain international forest hotel hidden in the Beijing Pinggu vast forest is innovating projects invested by the REWARD group with 1500 hectares forest (the largest artificial forest in north China), surrounded by 220 thousand mu peach trees and 410 thousand mu orchard. With high mountains and dense forests, perilous rock, special and precious animal and plants, rich natural resources, poetical landscape, this amazing place have over 200 kinds of plants and its negative oxygen ion content is 5000 times over city. Its special forest viewing design make 270 degree round view and its solar time is three times of normal building. The hotel provides high-end meetings, leisure and entertainment, horsemanship services. The fairyland and resort supply the private and enjoyable experience for successful person. At the same time, Yaji Mountain forest hotel will offer advanced and perfect old-age care to facing social aging problem.

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