Project Introduction(金朝玉瑪國際酒店-項目介紹)

The hotel is located at the central business district of Beijing Shunyi new city. Its transportation is very convenient adjacent to water sports ground of the 2008 Beijing Olympic away from the capital airport only eight kilometers. The extraordinary five- star hotel reflects the combination of European design concept with the Chinese art decoration. The luxurious and elegant rooms with area from 45 square meters to 288 square meters provided 24-hours butler service creates wonderful and comfortable space for customers. The hotel with the biggest indoor plaza in Beijing can hold thousands of people large-scalecelebration. The hotel own completed matching facilities such as top-level SPA, KTV, swimming room, tennis courts, top-level restaurant with raw material from green organic farm. The five-star REWARD international hotel will provide you extraordinary experience in the activities of business, conference, entertainment, resort, party, wedding celebration.

版權所有:洛娃科技實業集團有限公司 京ICP備12036495號