Reward Group pursues the "protection of the environment for the benefit of society," the corporate philosophy, in the enterprise development business needs and strive to maintain the harmony between the natural environment and the concept of environmental protection throughout the development, production, manufacturing and service sectors are always effectively to protect their own products, environmental indicators and energy efficiency services.

"Protection of the environment for the benefit of society," the corporate philosophy of environmental responsibility for the Reward Group to establish the foundation. Reward people think: they are responsible for the staff responsible for the customers and for society as a whole is responsible for corporate imperative. Petrova do their own economic development, we strive to maintain the balance of enterprises, environmental protection, social responsibility between the three. Petrova provisions must be harmless to health and the environment are the way to development, production, distribution, promotion Petrova products and services to ensure that our customers to provide high-tech, high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products and superb service. As a driving force, Petrova will continue to maintain a first-class, health and environmental protection standards of sustainable development, and strive to create new success of enterprises.

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