Since its foundation in 1995,Reward Group has been developing into a large-scale diversified enterprise group integrating the three major industries of daily chemicals, food and tourism real estate since its establishment. Guided by the direction of internationalization of resources, technology, the market, talents, Reward Group carrys out the development strategy of "large daily chemicals&internationalization," "large food&internationalization" through "industry + capital", "expansion + mergers and acquisitions", and takes the initiative to “go out”, actively “bring in”. Starting from the basic source, Reward Group systematically builds the whole industrial chain from raw materials, research and development, production, to sales, and promotes the various brands of Reward Group’s multiple industries across the country. At the same time, Reward Group will further expand the overall layout of the international sectors of the three major industries, forge a global value chain, and spread the "Chinese symbols" to the world.

Based on developing industries, the Reward Group regards the real economy as the core foundation of enterprise development, and actively implements the “the Belt and road” initiative, and invests in internationalized industries. Guided by the sustainable development of the industrial ecosystem, in accordance with the requirements of supply-side structural reform, Reward Group supplements the domestic similar products with international high-quality resources and technologies, and integrates the resource ,technological and scientific research advantages home and abroad, building up an internationalized national daily chemical enterprise, to realize an new international investment model of global inward flow of high-quality resources and outward flow of market and products.

The Reward Group insists on repaying the society with the utter innocent heart. Reward Group not only actively participates in various charitable causes, but also closely integrates industrial development with the promotion of local economic construction and the maintenance of national food security, fully embodying an enterprise’s social responsibility with the mission of “developing industry to serve the country”.

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